2015 Planner

Confession: I think that if someone spends more than $10 on a planner they are crazy. Now you hate me? Thats cool, but seriously throwing out $50+ on a planner has become one those "everyone is doing it" trends and well I just don't get it. I understand that we all want to be neat and organized, I just don't think that you need to spend a lot in order to do that.

The other day while browsing the aisles at Target, I walked past the stationary section. Ive always been one who uses my iPhone for everything from lists to important dates but yet Im still the mom who forgets that it is picture day at school.

Blame the mom brain.

I decided to purchase a planner to see if it makes my life any smoother in 2015. Hopefully now I won't have a hundred post-it notes of reminders and to-do's where as with a planner I can put everything in one place and always be prepared.

I spent just $7.99 on it and I think it is really going to help me stay organized for the new year!

How about you, are you a planner person?


DIY Memo Board

Ive been looking for a memo board of some sorts for our kitchen. I knew that I didn't want something cheesy like a dry erase board so I started to browse Pinterest to see what I could come up with. 

· picture frame
· chicken wire
· pliers 
· staple gun
· clips of your choice 
[ I used mini clothes pins ] 

All I ended up doing was removing the back of the picture frame + the glass. I unrolled the chicken wire and stapled it to the back of the picture frame making sure that it was snug. After that, I trimmed the chicken wire so you couldn't see any outside of the frame.

Since I removed the back of the frame where the hooks were, I used the staple gun to make hooks so I could hang it. Basically you just want to make sure that the staple doesn't go all the way in on the top corners so it can act as a hook.

Cute and pretty easy, huh?


Ibotta App

Ibotta is a free app that you can download [from the App Store or Google Play] onto your smartphone or tablet. Ibotta works with over 100,000 locations including grocery + convenience stores, restaurants, movie theaters, pet stores and more!

Even if you aren't someone who uses coupons, this free app is a quick and easy way to save money. But of course, if you throw coupons into the mix, you will save even more.

I personally love how simple this app is so here are the steps to getting started!

1] Download the free app. You can do that here.

2] Find rebates. Before you go shopping, which ever store you are headed to, browse through the offers that are available. You can unlock these offers by completing very simple tasks, such as watching a short clip or even answering one question.

3] Shop and redeem. When you are done shopping, simply tap the "Redeem" button, take a picture of your receipt and verify your purchases [scanning the items barcode.] It really is as simple as that! There is no limit on the number of rebates you can redeem, but each rebate featured is for a single purchase only. Upload your receipt as soon as you purchase your product. Your receipt is ineligible for credit past one week of the printed date.

4] Get cash. Within 48 hours your receipt will be processed. [Usually mine are done the same day.] 100% of your earnings can be transferred to PayPal or even your Starbucks card and you can cash out once your at $10.

Seems easy right?

If you still have questions about Ibotta and how it works, please let me know and I will answer them.