August 20, 2014

1 Year 2 Months 2 Weeks (To Be Technical)

Can you believe that I haven't taken any decent pictures of my baby since his birthday in June? Horrible I tell ya. But my baby, he is one. Why does he have to be one? Why does he have to grow up? Why does he have to become more independent and need me less? It hurts a little inside just because he is our last one but I love seeing him try new foods like a big boy and sit down to play with the blocks or another toy that he loves. I love my kids so much and its just insane how fast they grow and change.

Jonah... oh gosh where do I begin? He is walking all around which means he is into everything. He says momma, dada, eat, good, bye... He will bring you a pudding when he's ready for one and its usually chocolate. He's such a happy baby until bed time and even then he cries for roughly two minutes and then he's out for the night in his own crib. I seriously got lucky with him. He has two bottom teeth and thats it. He loves bath time, to be outside and playing with Emalyn. Even though he's being more independent now, deep down he's still a mommas boy. I try to remember that when Im standing there making dinner or in the grocery store and he wants to be held to not get so frustrated. Sometimes (okay a lot of the time) I do pick him up anyways if thats what he wants/needs and I make it work. I want to have him want me as long as possible, if that makes sense. Theres going to come a time when my kids no longer need me and that sounds so lonely.. maybe thats why I have Erik, ha! But Im sure you moms can understand where Im coming from. Im not raising brats who can't do anything on their own and no they certainly do not always get their way but I try to remember that both of my kids are so young and they won't be forever. My point is, I find myself giving in more to Jonah than I did with Emalyn and Im okay with that.

Im thankful that I get to experience having both a boy and a girl. Having a boy is so different and its much more fun than I expected. Who knew that I would enjoy picking out a Spiderman or Ninja Turtle ball and toy trucks. As much as I am loving these moments of him being little Im excited to see the little man that he becomes!

August 5, 2014

I'm Baaack

It's official, we're back on the east coast. The constant worries of this move are all over with. Looking back, it wasn't to bad. I think what made me dread coming back to Virginia so much was that I knew that Erik would be back on a ship. Boat life is completely different than shore duty. He is about to miss out on so much and well thats just no fun for anyone.

I guess that you could say that the twelve hour plane ride from Hawaii to Virginia went good. After checking in the animals I started to feel a tad bit overwhelmed with everything (plus I do not like to fly) so I did what any person would do... had a few margaritas before boarding. Needless to say Jonah and I took a nice long nap, twice. Thankfully Erik's car got to Virginia before we did so we didn't need to spend any money on a rental. The Navy Lodge was our home for the next eight nights and boy was that fun with two kids plus two animals. On July 31st we closed on our brand new home AND had our household goods delivered that same day. Talk about the best day ever.

Things all around are going pretty good. Even though the mainland is so different than Hawaii, at least everyone is adjusting to the new house pretty well, Im learning my way around the area and Emalyn is excited to start school in a month. I absolutely love our new home and all Im looking forward to now is having my own car back. Im trying to get back into couponing (which is completely different here than in Hawaii) and thats actually been kind of fun.

Everything is unpacked and its starting to feel more like home. There are a lot of things that we still need to buy for the house but Im in no rush. I get to finally make my space my own, what a great feeling! Its been good starting over, as much as I miss Hawaii and I would absolutely love to go back maybe having this change was for the best.

July 14, 2014

Im Different

It seems like Im always asking myself do I want to blog? And if I do, then do I really want to share my life with strangers? Am I blogging for myself or for others? What are the pros and cons of blogging? What exactly am I going to blog about and not blog about?

In my opinion, it seems like everyone has a blog now. And if Im being really honest, I stopped reading a lot of blogs because it seems like no one is themselves. Which I get, I don't know every blogger on a personal level but how many women can have the same blog design, the same Instagram pics, the same perfect outfit with freshly painted nails showing off their Starbucks cup of coffee... Then there's always the weekend recap posts, link ups, sponsored posts... its all just the same.


I am over it.

This is my point...

I don't care what anyone says... being a wife is hard. Being a mom is hard. Sending your husband off on a deployment is hard. Packing up everything you own and shipping it across the United States is hard. Making friends is hard. Losing people is hard. Life is hard.

So sometimes at the end of the day when everyone else is asleep, coming to my computer with my headphones in to just type out how I feel is the best feeling. Even if I don't hit publish (which the majority of the time I don't) I feel better knowing that I just got it off my chest without updating my Facebook status as if Im seeking attention.

Again, the point is I want to be different from all of you and I should be.

People blog for all different reasons but as time goes on, Ive learned that Im truly writing for myself. For my sanity. I can't let someones opinion of my blog ruin that for me, its not fair. I shouldn't stop blogging because I feel a different way than someone else. The longer that I have my blog, its like I learn more and more of what I don't want it to be. I shouldn't be scared to be different. Many of my old posts have been deleted and as a new chapter in my life starts Im okay with that. Im okay with not trying to keep up with everyone else and what others think is the "right" thing to do, and thats whether it has to do with blogging or not.

So whatever it is that you are doing in life, make sure its for YOU and not anyone else.