Life Lately


Lately I have so many thoughts running through my head. Do this, do that, schedule that appointment, save x amount of money in x amount of time, call this person and so on. Soon I will be having some me time to just get my mind off of this whole moving process and I can not wait.

The new house, well we still haven't made up our minds on which route we want to go as far as customizing. I have always thought that it would be fun to pick out my own floors and cabinets, and not to sound like a spoiled brat or anything but its tough choosing something over the computer. In one picture it looks good and then in another picture your like no way, not that one. The last thing that I want is to walk into our new home and be like what in the hell did we choose? Then, the tears will come. We have until the end of May to figure things out so Im sure we can come to a decision before then.

June will be our busiest month. Our things get packed, one car gets shipped, lots of appointments are scheduled, Jonah turns one, Erik's and I anniversary... and as you can imagine the list goes on and on. Im ready for it. Im ready for it to come and go. Im ready to be settled and into a new routine. 

I have been a crazy woman on Craigslist, no lie. Im pretty sure that I have sold over half of our stuff. I mean who would want to move into a brand new home with old stuff? At least, thats my thinking. I promised Erik that I won't sell the beds, couch and the kitchen table. As for everything else, I can't make any promises. Selling everything has helped me finish the 52 week money challenge and I have already started it again. Yeah, Im serious about this selling stuff. 

So basically for right now my life is all about this move. I want to be as ready and prepared as I can be because I know in the end things will (hopefully) go smoother. It still hasn't hit me yet that Im actually leaving Hawaii in just a few short months but Im sure that when the movers pull up, thats when it'll smack me dead in the face. 

Until then, I will continue to enjoy our time left on the island. I will miss it, thats a fact. 

Month of the Military Child


(Yesterday Emalyn wore purple to school and Jonah wore his Navy outfit)

Im sure by now you already know that April is the month of the military child.

Erik has been in the Navy for almost ten years and as our shore duty is quickly coming to an end, he will soon be returning to a ship to deploy. Emalyn was always to young to understand why Erik would come and go as much as he did, but now that she's almost seven we will soon have to talk to her more about the military lifestyle. As for Jonah, he is still so young so he won't understand until later on. Im not sure which is harder, explaining to your kid(s) why their daddy is leaving for a long period of time or them being babies and having no help. Either way, Im going to be experiencing both here shortly and I'll have no choice but to be strong for my kids.

As much as we would love to have Erik home every night, have him home for every birthday and holiday I know that him being in the military is our best option right now in life. We may not agree with everything or like the come and go aspect of it but when it comes down to it we have a roof over our head, clothes on our backs and food on the table.

To all of the military children, you are strong amazing little people and you deserve much more than a month dedicated to you.

Let's Be Friends...Or Not


So here's the deal.
If you're a blogger, then you know that having a Facebook page is almost pointless. Maybe for your blog its working but for me, um not so much. I have no desire to pay them so people can see my posts when there are other ways than me opening my Erik's wallet to get my stuff out there. 

Basically what Im trying to say here is that Im shutting it down. 
Yeah yeah yeah you probably think its a bad idea but there are other ways to follow me. 
For example you can...
follow by email (look on the right side bar to enter your email)

you can just send me a friend request on the good ole' F.B.
(I have no issues being friends with someone I haven't actually met, most of my friends are blog friends so you'll fit right in)
If you don't exactly want to be my friend then you can just follow my personal account since I do post publicly when I have a new blog post up. 

Its a shame that I have 220+ fans on Facebook and maybe around 50 people see my posts, and on a good day its closer to 100. Thats a lot of people not even knowing that Im posting something. 
Frustrating I tell ya and Im a tad bit over it. I love to interact with my readers and I can't do that if Im not showing up in your newsfeed :)

So cheers to being friends...or not.

(the Facebook page will be taken down very soon)